CBCI and Fox and CNN

James Rucker, on the Huffington Post site, writes about the Congressional Black Caucus Institute’s negotiations for presidential debates aqui. In a nutshell, Mr. Rucker is upset that the CBCI is even negotiating with such a “skewed” entity as Fox.

I can never read too many comments, because everyone gets so strident, and then there’s the white-person-masquerading-as-black or hetero-woman-masquerading-as-queer-male (insert iteration here) to add unnecessary spice to the “debate.”

As someone who likes to research political issues, I couldn’t rely on just one angry Black voice. I learned, in college, that the loudest voices could lead you to a suspension or expulsion over some mixed-up politics and gender issues. So, I trundled over to theCBCI website and read their press release. Being me, I continued clicking through the site, to see who exactly the CBCI was made up of. That’s another topic for another day, but it was pretty much made up of Beltway insiders. And who really trusts insiders, anyway?

The question, for me, at the heart of all of this, is why? Why is the CBCI going to sponsor such debates? Who are they for? Black people? Really? Well, that’s what CNN US prez Jon Klein said

These debates are a meaningful addition to our comprehensive coverage of the 2008 election, particularly as they give us an opportunity to explore more closely a range of issues that will impact the pivotal African-American vote. (CBCI 2007)

When was our vote pivotal? I forgot. Being on grad school hiatus will do that for you. I seem to recall something around 30 years ago…? We might be pivotal on the local and state levels, but nationally?

Too, what issues do we have as a group, that, say, Southeast Asian, Latino, or other Americans might not share? Please let us not mention reparations. Please, please, PLEASE let us not mention reparations during an allegedly nationally-televised series of debates. Don’t do it. Talk about the paperless voting, talk about the various wars (drugs, terror, democracy,et al.) we’re involved in, hey, let’s talk about debt of developing nations! NOT REPARATIONS. Not now.
I await more info on these “pivtoal” debates.


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