It finally comes out of the closet

So glad everyone is showing their asses. We’re ungrateful darkies who bit our benevolent white saviors’ hands. So they’re just not gonna trust the niggers and spics anymore.

Thank you, Miss Ann. We’s gon lurn our lessins real soon. Yes ma’am. We shole ignant and stuff. We knows we neva wood ha had us our rights wusn’t for y’alls white folks, specially gays. Cuz y’all was the ones who started Stonewall…right?

Get out of here. Be proud that conservatives have won. Fissures are widening. So be it. New coalitions will be formed. But white people need to do the work in their own families, because their families voted against Prop 8, too.


One Response to “It finally comes out of the closet”

  1. […] Proposition 8, elicited a huge wave of hatred from numerous bloggers.  I have been called a “Miss Ann” and a racist for calling out the black community on their overwhelming support of Prop 8.   […]

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