This is why I wrote what I did

From Unapologetic Feminist:

“This election result illustrates a sad fact that has played out throughout history, namely that one oppressed group of people will often turn around and oppress another group of people, without even seeing the hypocrisy or cruelty in it.

It also reminds me, as a feminist, that although I may fight for the rights of other oppressed groups, there is no guarantee that they will turn around and fight for my rights, as a woman. Often times, leftist feminists turn a blind eye to this chilling psychological phenomenon, and put the needs of other oppressed groups before their own. (emphasis added)

It is these sentiments that add to the beliefs that we can’t be allies across ethnicity, or even schools of feminism. That is is so entitled, and the lengthy defense wasn’t a whole lot better. Black bloggers have said that there is homophobia, and hatred in our communities. But the whole “we should know better because we’ve been downtrodden,” smacks of that privilege and helps nothing in discourse.

Scapegoating doesn’t get a cookie, especially when you say things like you don’t expect the oppressed to fight for your rights, though you’ll fight for theirs.And you graduated from an HBCU? So did I. And? You enjoy gospel? So do I. And?

I can have a dialogue about homophobia in my community. I hope and pray other POC do, too. What good do the blamers and scapegoaters think you’re doing by “bringing this up,” however? How are they contributing to such “an important topic?”


3 Responses to “This is why I wrote what I did”

  1. \”I can have a dialogue about homophobia in my community.\”
    No, you don\’t get to be upset this time. Your \”community\” is stealing people\’s rights. Maybe for the first time in your life you are not the victim, and apparently you don\’t know how to act.
    I do get to call out racist gay-haters and you are certainly acting like one.

  2. Well, I guess we’re down to it takes one to know one, right? Well, not really. I won’t claim racism, but you can point out my racist action, if you’d like. But then, we’d have to discuss privilege and race, and can POC be “racist,” as opposed to prejudiced. Oh, and the “victimology” thing, too. I’m not a victim. Unless we consider your comment an attack, then perhaps, I might be a victim. I’ll have to think about it.

    But thank you for stopping by! I’m glad you could share your thoughts.

  3. i’m glad you called it like it is. i’ve been trying to stand up to my (mostly white) friends and family and let them know that it’s a lameass copout to say “too bad the obama voters help pass this.” i gave you a shoutout today, but not very eloquently.

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