I love Funky Brown Chick. I mean, I can’t relate because I don’t date, and I’m not a sexpot, but I love the writing.

What’s sad is, when I read this: http://ping.fm/z1Rwp , my first thought was “At least you date, sista!” Then I felt small and sad.

I know I’ve been told I don’t date because I subconsciously don’t want to. But I feel like, no, I go out, I tried the online thing, phone thing, and it doesn’t work. Where the hell am I going to meet someone? I went out last night, and NOTHING. People were there trying to hook up, I ended up wingwoman for my BF who has a man, and I didn’t even get more than glances.

I can’t unpack this, now, but it might be coming when I go on my forced vacation.


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