I can’t even be coherent about how betrayed I feel. I now hate some people I used to love. Literally. I worked for them, sacrificed for them, and got treated like shit for them.

Then they shat on me.

I was warned. I knew some betrayal, in smaller senses, had occured previously. I’m not that naive.


Wow. When your own people eff you up and eff with your money. Wow. Yep, it’s that raw. I have screamed. I haven’t cried, but that is coming. I truly hate them, now. And I try not to hate too many people. I don’t want to burn in Hell, after all.

Ungrateful wretches. Plankton is more useful than they are/were.

Eff you, too. That’s all I’m left with. Literally. They are dead to me. They will be erased from my life.

I hate when I have to go into bitch mode. Oh, well. Buckle up, buttercups.


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