Why I am Angry With Steve

I am not here to add too much speculation to the McNair tragedy. In fact, I have nothing but the deepest sympathy for his widow and four young men who are now bewildered, hurt, and angry. I am angry for them, but my anger is bigger than that.

I am angry because, but for the grace of God, I could have had a similar catastrophe in my life. My dad cheated on my mom for years. She didn’t know it (maybe) and his family kept it from her (and me, eventually) after a child resulted from the affair. I have a sister who grew up parallel to me, whom I did not meet until the inevitable lawsuit for past child support.

For what? Convenient sex? Different sex? “Companionship”?! WTH?! I am so tired of the tropes of “man only thinks with his penis” or “powerful men have powerful hungers.” I call bull! We all have hungers, some more powerful than others, but WE. MAKE. EFFING. CHOICES. Every day I drive and don’t ram a slower driver’s car, I made a choice! I want. BELIEVE ME, I want to, so badly, every DAY. To cuss the living daylights out of bad drivers, cops who pull folks over, BUT I DON’T. Because I understand consequences.

And I’m tired of married people acting invincible and entitled and just so damn selfishly that they can’t foresee something like the horror the McNairs and the woman’s family are going through now. Stop being jerks! Ugh!


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