I hate SNL. I hate how Keenan is allowed to be on the show, when there are funnier tokens out there. I hate Armisen on GP, for all of the brown- and blackface. I hate that WOC can’t seem to make it (outside of Maya and….? Anyone?) on this show that opens so many doors for comedians.

I HATE how the players, even the C-listers, will get at least ONE movie out of their miserable tenure. I hate that the show I used to sneak to stay up and watch puts me to sleep now that I’m grown.

I truly, though, deeply, abhor the racism, ableism, sexism and prejudices that pass for funny nowadays. Go away, SNL. Or Lorne, let someone else take the helm.


2 Responses to “SNL”

  1. This is exactly how I feel about SNL. I used to watch all of the time between 1990-1992 (it’s the reason why I negotiated a later bedtime in the first place!). Those were the days: Chris Rock, Kevin Nealon, Dana Carvey, Mike Myers, Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, Ellen Cleghorne, etc. Not that all of these people were funny but at least they had funny signature sketches. Even their star vehicle films were funnier (and did better at the box office than the present cast). And when they do have someone funny on the show, e.g. Finesse Mitchell, they rid of them. I blame SNL for the unfunny hour that is Jimmy Fall on every night. I blame SNL for Jay Leno replacing Law&Order’s 10pm spot. I blame SNL for their off-base political commentary during the 2008 presidential election (they were firmly behind Hillary Clinton in the primaries and Tina Fey’s impersonations of Palin will NEVER make up for the “Bitch is the new black, bitch.” sketch).

    I could go on but I won’t. How bad does this show have to get before it’s canceled? Does Lorne have to die?

    • brownstocking Says:

      GIRL you are so dead-on! SNL is taking NBC down hard, and their overall lack of diversity is helping that torpedo arrive faster. They need a serious shake-up.

      Lorne seriously has to give up control of the show for it to rebound. It’s literally craptastic.

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