Corny Quizzes and Ethnicity

Okay, okay, so it was an eHarmony quiz. I get that. But still. The quiz was “Who’s Your Male Celebrity Soul Mate?”

I mean, I can queendom with the best of ’em. I love corny quizzes. I used to do those great daily memes that we all did back in the day (or still do, no judgment, LOL). But, maybe it’s just where my head is at, I’m tired of the default being white.

Yes, I should create a quiz that’s multieithnic. I should do my own fun140. But WHEN will the “mainstream” blind folks get with it? It’s so tiring and debasing to not even have Idris Alba in there or Ranbir Kapoor? I mean, hello?

They flippin gave me Leo DiCaprio. Good actor. Not my type at all.

Ugh. Just needed to vent on that. I almost posted int he forum, but I knew it would be a waste of time, and I don’t feel like being told I have no sense of humor, or to lighten up, or that I am racist. Uh uh, not today. LOL


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