Sigh…entering the field of Otome reviews

Okay. I love otome games. I don’t know why, as an ardent womanist, I fixate on overly affectionate younger dudes or cold sadists who wear glasses, but it’s oh-so-delicious!

I first discovered otome by downloading two different types of games a few years ago. I downloaded “Bidding for Love” and “Enchanted in the Moonlight.” Bidding was so problematic but so intriguing, and the having-to-stop at 5 clicks was frustrating, but I hadn’t been addicted enough to start paying for tickets or charm, yet. Voltage got me pretty quickly because, hey! Spend 4 bucks and play the whole route! EZPZ.

When I found certain (rapey) storylines problematic, I searched the Web for like-minded people, but came up really short. So I put the games away for a while. I don’t know how I stumbled upon Otome Wendy, but I felt some relief at finding a reviewer who seemed to think similarly to me, and had a hella snarky sense of humor, to boot. I miss her.

So, I guess, as part of my “learning to write more” goal, I’m going to do a couple of walkthroughs and reviews.


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