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Liveblogging from FC2008

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Yay! Okay, so I already cyberstalked Jill Tubman of Jack and Jill Politics. I’ve Tweeted Liza at Culture Kitchen. I can’t wait to figure out who else from my Bloglines list is here…

I’m now at the plenary about The Race Debates. We’re watching a video clip of all the talking heads who said, now that we have an African-American president, America is no longer racist, and we’re post-racial now. Terry Keleher is the Moderator.

We’re starting debate 1: Health Care Disparities. Interactive Section discussing opening comments. Totally confused. Amusing, but confusing. Anti-race speaker, Julianne Ong Hing, of Colorlines, correctly points out economic disparities in our capitalist society are a critical factor. Good answer…audience chuckles about “identity politics” smear…ultimately, “we have a choice in how we live.” Dominic’s (Dom Apollon, Ph.D., Applied Research Center) answer talks about healthcare disparities and misdiagnoses of treatments, and does address the economics, but talks more about lack of access/structural racism.


  • Julianne (concealing race) used race to put Dom on the defensive, with a moving personal anecdote
  • She used well-known stereotypes, and coded them, making it subtle
  • She pitted race against class, an effective argument
  • Dom (revealing race) was effective in revealing how the gov’t betrays POC, especially First Nations
  • He tried to avoid directly speaking to issue of race/calling out racism
  • While what he said was logical, there wasn’t the passion
  • He attempted to show patterns of racism; how do we do this, without getting reduced to academic jargon?

Tehcniques for Concealing Racism

  1. Denying & Exceptionalizing
  2. Coding & Scapegoating
  3. Deflecting & Confusing

Techniques for Revealing Racism

  1. Name It
  2. Frame It
  3. Explain It

Debate 2: Race Silence v. Race Explicit (this sounds sexy…hope my batter makes it!)

Can we address race using class or universal frames? Kalpana and Shannah will debate

Kalpana: we need to build the broadest coalition possible, let’s appeal to self-interest. Used Montana as example. Invoked Obama and “change.” Don’t move against public opinion.

Shannah: won’t go away by pretending it’s not there. Universal healthcare for kids gets chopped away by selecting out groups little by little. We cut out people by appealing to the majority. When we lead with grace, we expand the base. We need to speak on it to se who our allies are. It’s about playing offense.

This was spicy! In my group are (just from my visuals and member comments) two white women who were activists since the 60s, a 20ish Asian American woman, and this 30ish Black women

Kilpana’s rebuttal: “we’re on the same side.” “We didn’t do our jobs, if we lose our campaigns.” “poor people are sicker thanĀ  rich people”

Shannah: let’s think long-term, not short term. Refuse to let go of the racism. White people won’t think about racism unless they’re made to.


  • Kalpana was very charismatic and dangerous
  • Collette Kieth mentions, in Native American issues, how racism can shut down a conversation
  • Malkia Cyril brings up Prop 8 and the No on 8 campaigns, how relationships change
  • We need to consider what is lost when we give up conversations on race; just because we don’t talk about it, doesn’t mean it’s not at play

Wow, I think I’m on a high with this! Could be the bubble black tea, though. Can’t front.



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Nate Silver says it clearly.

So, now what? Kiss and make up? Or are the “racists” of the queer community still going to be allowed to “vent”? Nah. It’ll still be about “that effing 70%!”

It finally comes out of the closet

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So glad everyone is showing their asses. We’re ungrateful darkies who bit our benevolent white saviors’ hands. So they’re just not gonna trust the niggers and spics anymore.

Thank you, Miss Ann. We’s gon lurn our lessins real soon. Yes ma’am. We shole ignant and stuff. We knows we neva wood ha had us our rights wusn’t for y’alls white folks, specially gays. Cuz y’all was the ones who started Stonewall…right?

Get out of here. Be proud that conservatives have won. Fissures are widening. So be it. New coalitions will be formed. But white people need to do the work in their own families, because their families voted against Prop 8, too.

I feel sick

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I was trying to nap after work, but I left the TV on, and “Morehouse College” permeated my subconscious. Sad, huh?

Anywho, the BBC reporter was interviewing students there, and who did he start with?

wait for it….

How do you feel? I feel, I feel like


So, in honor of my sisters holding it down in the ATL, I busted out my Spelman sweatshirt. I’m taking it, my Obama tee, and my “I Voted” Sticker, and gettin my free java at Starbucks!

Don Imus, why aren’t you all getting it?

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It seems like almost no one really gets it. This isn’t about the Rutgers women’s b-ball team. This is about a straw on the back of the “it’s comedy, so just change the channel” camel. I complained about Imus years ago, he’s been profiled so often by either neutral or public media outlets, but now he’s a lightning rod? PUHLEEZ!

And using “hip hop” as his excuse?Don Imus is not recalcitrant. He doesn’t care. MSNBC doesn’t care. CBS truly doesn’t care, that hostile workplace that just doesn’t want to reach out to any shape or form of diversity whatsoever (unless it’s on a crime show).

Read, I’ll comment more later.

CBCI and Fox and CNN

Posted in blackfolks, media, politics on March 20, 2007 by brownstocking

James Rucker, on the Huffington Post site, writes about the Congressional Black Caucus Institute’s negotiations for presidential debates aqui. In a nutshell, Mr. Rucker is upset that the CBCI is even negotiating with such a “skewed” entity as Fox.

I can never read too many comments, because everyone gets so strident, and then there’s the white-person-masquerading-as-black or hetero-woman-masquerading-as-queer-male (insert iteration here) to add unnecessary spice to the “debate.”

As someone who likes to research political issues, I couldn’t rely on just one angry Black voice. I learned, in college, that the loudest voices could lead you to a suspension or expulsion over some mixed-up politics and gender issues. So, I trundled over to theCBCI website and read their press release. Being me, I continued clicking through the site, to see who exactly the CBCI was made up of. That’s another topic for another day, but it was pretty much made up of Beltway insiders. And who really trusts insiders, anyway?

The question, for me, at the heart of all of this, is why? Why is the CBCI going to sponsor such debates? Who are they for? Black people? Really? Well, that’s what CNN US prez Jon Klein said

These debates are a meaningful addition to our comprehensive coverage of the 2008 election, particularly as they give us an opportunity to explore more closely a range of issues that will impact the pivotal African-American vote. (CBCI 2007)

When was our vote pivotal? I forgot. Being on grad school hiatus will do that for you. I seem to recall something around 30 years ago…? We might be pivotal on the local and state levels, but nationally?

Too, what issues do we have as a group, that, say, Southeast Asian, Latino, or other Americans might not share? Please let us not mention reparations. Please, please, PLEASE let us not mention reparations during an allegedly nationally-televised series of debates. Don’t do it. Talk about the paperless voting, talk about the various wars (drugs, terror, democracy,et al.) we’re involved in, hey, let’s talk about debt of developing nations! NOT REPARATIONS. Not now.
I await more info on these “pivtoal” debates.